• Dave@Waterlane Studios

Welcome (to VR)!

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

A very sincere welcome to my first blog and the new website for ‘Waterlane Studios’. My name is David and I'm the person behind the madness… and by that, I mean the madness of wanting to create Virtual Reality experiences as an indie developer. In this series of blogs, I’ll talk about what goes into making VR without mega budgets and large teams – i.e. a behind the scenes exposé of my personal journey.

How do indie developers manage to get money? Can you make millions? Isn’t it easy to make ‘games’ now? So many unanswered questions which I’ll try to shine some light on as time goes by.

Alongside these developer blogs I’ll also post a second series, sharing my thoughts on the VR industry and all things related to it. As you’ll see, I’ve plenty of opinions. You may be surprised to find out, that even as a developer who can be amazed by what the future promises, I also have concerns for how this technology will be used.

Which leads me onto one of the reasons Waterlane Studios exists in the first place. It’s my desire not only to make VR, but to create experiences which can enrich our lives. That can bring us closer to each other and ultimately to who we are ourselves. That might sound a little ambitious and perhaps it is, but it’s something I believe VR has the power to do.

So, please pull up a chair and join me as we sail down this virtual stream together. 😊

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